DIY Bell Sleeve Dress

I made this cute little bell sleeve dress for New Year’s Eve, but with leggings or tights it is totally wearable for the busy work day!

Pattern pieces:

To make the front and back pieces of the dress, I traced an existing, well fitting, shift dress that I already owned. You can do this with a shirt, as well, by adjusting the hem to the desired length of your dress. (Here is an awesome tutorial on how to use your clothes to make your pattern pieces.)  The main dress pieces look like this:


I was in a hurry to make this (made it the morning of the 31st!) and did not have a zipper on hand. So, I decided to make a keyhole opening in the back. To keep the edges clean, I made a facing.

For the sleeves, I used a straight sleeve to the elbow and added a large bell shape (it’s almost like giving each arm a circle skirt😁)


Now you’re ready to sew!  You should have all of the following pieces:


Sew with right sides together for steps 1 through 6.

1) sew front and back pieces together at shoulders and side seams

2) attach bells (circle skirts😊) to sleeve pieces

3) sew underarm of sleeve and bell in one continuous stitch

4) attach sleeves to dress

5) sew front facing and back facing together at shoulders and centre back

6) attach facing to dress lining up shoulder seams

7) hem bottom of sleeves and dress

And you’re done! One adorable bell sleeve shift dress!

Until next time, happy sewing!

-B ♥ xo









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