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DIY: Fur Vest Tutorial

Snow days are made for blogging — and for fur vests!  If you follow my blog then you already know that I am vest OBSESSED! I love them!  Here are some pictures of the final product followed by an easy step-by-step tutorial to make your own!

How to Make Your Own:

What You Need: 

  • .9 m or 1 yd of fur
  • .9 m or 1 yd of fabric for the lining (I used a knit rather than lining fabric to prevent the vest from sliding off my shoulders)
  • tissue paper or tracing paper
  • pencil
  • tailor’s measuring tape (I also used a grid ruler to speed up the pattern drawing process)
  • paper scissors
  • fabric pen or pencil
  • fabric scissors
  • straight pins
  • sewing machine

Getting Started:

When I make a garment without using a pattern, I like to make my own pattern pieces from tissue or tracing paper before I start.  This way, if I like the finished garment, I have a pattern to follow should I want to do it again.  OR if I need to adjust something (length, width etc.) it’s easier to know exactly how much if I have a record of what I started with.

In order to make your pattern pieces you need to first take your measurements.  For this project, crucial measurements would be: chest, hips, and shoulder to desired length.  Take your measurements in inches.

Pattern Pieces:

The width across the chest should be roughly: (chest measurement÷4)+4″

The length should be: desired length from shoulder +1¼” (this is your seam allowance for the top and bottom).

The width around the hips should be: (hip measurement÷4) +3.5″

Here are the pattern pieces and lengths that I used for mine:

Once you have all of your measurements, draw your pieces on to your tissue paper/tracing paper and cut out your pieces.


Place your pattern pieces on your fabric and pin them in place (I also use fabric clips).  Place the back on the fold line.  Trace around your pieces using your fabric pen or pencil.

**Before cutting, double check the direction of your fur and make sure you cut your pieces in the desired direction.

Cut out the pieces.


Place your back lining piece onto your back fur piece with right sides together.  (Sorry for the blurry picture)

Pin along the the bottom and the armholes.

Pin neckline.

Stitch along pin lines.  Be sure to leave your shoulder seams and side seams open.  Set the back aside and repeat the process for both front pieces.

**When pinning, I decided to switch up the neckline of the front of my vest.  I cut it down to a shallow V shape.  If you decide to change your neckline be sure to pin and stitch it with right sides together.

Stitch along pin lines.  Again, leave both your shoulder seams and side seams open.

Turn your pieces so that they are right sides out.  Your lining is now the “wrong side” of your garment.

Pin front and back pieces together at the shoulders and titch along this line.  Pin the side seams together and stitch.

And that’s it!  Turn it to its right side and your vest is ready to wear!

If you have any tips, tricks, questions, or suggestions for future projects, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Until next time! Happy sewing!



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