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Favourite Projects of 2017

Once again, I’ve let my blog writing slip… but my sewing is still going strong!  Today, I’m sharing some of my favourite projects from the past year (can’t believe it’s 2018 already!!) and how you can make your own! 😊

1) Vests

Vests will likely always be on my list of faves.  Honestly, I have a vest problem… I made three different kinds in 2017 that are in constant rotation in my wardrobe.

Fur vest:

Make your own following my tutorial here.

Black waistcoat:

Links to similar vests can be found here.  I made mine by loosely following the pattern for the leather waistcoat found here.

Pinstripe Grey Suiting:

I made this vest from leftover fabric my grandmother had laying around (thanks, Nana!!).  It’s a combo of options A & B from the pattern found here.

2) Ponchos/Kimonos

Doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, I’m always cold.  So, I typically like to have something to throw on over whatever I’m wearing.  If it’s not a vest, (see above obsession) it’s likely a poncho (winter) or kimono (summer).


I made two different variations of ponchos this year:  one that is shorter in length but larger in its width (giving it longer sleeves) and one that is a “duster” length but with a smaller width (3/4ish sleeves).

I didn’t follow a pattern for these.  Perhaps, my first tutorial of 2018? 😊


Like the ponchos, I made a couple of different style kimonos.

I added fringe to the bottom of the DIY kimono pattern that I previously made (tutorial here).

I also adjusted the hem length and length of the sleeves on the same pattern (here) to create a duster length kimono.


3) High Waist Pants/Culottes

Love these high waisted plaid pants with cuffed ankles.

Make your own following the pattern found here.

I also see many more pairs culottes in my future!

I made these following the pattern found here.

4) Bridesmaid’s Dress

The only criteria, for the bridesmaids’ dresses for my friend’s wedding, was that they had to be black.  So I decided to make my own!

I loosely followed the Vogue pattern found here. (I adjusted the neckline and added a little more ruffle)

5) Off the Shoulder (OTS) and Cold Shoulder Dresses

OTS Dresses:

This ruffle OTS dress was my most popular item this year!

You can make your own following my tutorial found here.

I made this OTS dress “for prom” (supervision😊).

I followed the pattern found here.

Cold Shoulder Dress:

I love this dress for work.  It’s super comfy and adorable.

I loosely followed the pattern here (mine doesn’t have buttons).

Thanks everyone for following, encouraging, and inspiring me!❤  Hope some of these projects have inspired you! Looking forward to what 2018 will bring!🙌

Until next time!  Happy sewing!















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