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Thinking About Sewing?

Are you thinking about giving sewing a try? Hopefully, because you chose to read this entry!  Well, if you are considering it, here are my top 3 reasons why I think you should go for it, which machines to purchase, and where to start your sewing journey!


3 Benefits of Sewing (according to the highly scientific study of My Personal Feelings):

1) Unique Items that FIT Perfectly!

Whether it’s clothes or items for your home, learning to sew will give you the ability to make custom pieces to size! Or adjust off the rack items to the desirable fit.  #gamechanger

2) Savings(ish)

You can’t beat the prices at stores like H&M, but sewing is definitely cheaper than shopping at stores like Nordstrom (if you don’t count your time).  Hence the “-ish”. But high quality items at a more affortable price — can’t beat that!

3) Your Mental Health!

Sewing is good for your mental health! Have I done extensive research on this? No.  Have I read a couple of blog entries on the matter that quote some scientific journals? Yes.  Did I fact check? No. BUT, I can speak from personal experience.  Sewing is all consuming and makes me forget about my daily stresses.  There’s also something to be said for the satisfaction of knowing that you created something from nothing. It will make you happy. I promise.

Ok! So, you’re on board. What now?  You need a sewing machine!

Beginner Machines:

Here are some of my favourite sewing machines for beginners:


This is the Singer 3223 Sewing Machine.  It comes in 3 adorable colours: Petrol (as pictured), Honey, and Raspberry.  My colleague and I bought 2 of these machines for our Sewing Club at school.  Very reliable little starter machines, perfect for the beginner sewist!  And they’re so cute!!



The SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine and the Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine are very similar machines. They’re (as their names suggest) more “heavy duty” than the 3223.  These are the machines that the Fashion Tech program at the high school uses.



Lastly, the Singer 1304 Start. Singer no longer makes the model of my first sewing machine, but this is pretty much it!  It does everything you need and won’t break the bank!

Once you have your machine, you need to learn how to use it!  Your manual is your best bet for the specifics of your machine, but BurdaStyle offers some great online, on-demand, sewing courses.

Beginner Sewing Course:

BurdaStyle Academy has a wide range of online sewing courses available for all different levels. If you are starting out, I recommend the Introduction to Sewing: Learn the Fundamentals of Garment Sewing with Denise Wild at BurdaStyle Academy .  It’s easy to follow and because it’s on-demand, you can simply pick up where you left off.

First time course users at BurdaStyle Academy can save 20% on a course using the coupon code Learn2Sew at Expires 04/25/2019.

Best of luck on your sewing adventure!

Until next time, happy sewing!

-B ❤



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